Sandra McKenzie Schmitt

Welcome to Sandra McKenzie Schmitt/McKenzie River Pottery's official website. With a mixture of both joy and sadness, I'm here to announce that after 42 years, Sandra McKenzie Schmitt has retired from pottery. She has closed her gallery and has stopped taking orders. She would like to thank all the people and galleries who have order from her over the years, and wishes them the best in their future endeavors.

Sandra McKenzie Schmitt

WTVP's Illinois: Arts in the Work

WTVP, Central Illinois' PBS station, created a series of short programs highlighting local artists in the area called Illinois: Arts in the Works. Sandra McKenzie Schmitt was one of the artists that they interviewed. You can watch the video and read a short biography on WTVP's website. [Video and Biography].

To learn more about WTVP's series Illinois: Arts in the Works and to view other local Central Illinois artist [click here]. Or visit WTVP’s main page at

The Summer 2012 issue of American Style Magazine has a two page article about Sandra McKenzie Schmitt and her work. You can order the magazine at American Style's website